Lanybydder Cattle Market Entry Form


Haulers Details
Address from which cattle moved from
Herd No UK Holding Number
Vehicle Registration Date Moved
Sale Date Farm Assured Number
Use Only
Official Ear Tag Number Breed Type
Birth Date in Months Date of TB Test  


1. I hereby declare that I am the Owner/ Owner's agent of the animal(s) described above and
that to the best of my knowledge the particular's shown on this form at the time of signing are
true and complete.

2. I further declare that the AUCTION LOT NUMBERS are correctly matched with OFFICIAL TAG
NUMBERS and that the PASSPORTS relating to the Lot numbers are correctly matched.

3. The vehicle transporting livestock into the market as above was cleansed and disinfected prior to loading these animals.

4. No susceptible animals have been moved onto the above holding for a minimum of 6 days prior
to the date of this sale.

5. That we will observe all procedures outlines in the Standard Operating Procedure within the
market as displayed in the market office.


Food Chain Information

I/We declare for all animals listed on this document that;
The holding is not under movement restrictions for bovine Tuberculosis (TB)
Cattle on the holding are not under movement restrictions for other animal disease or public health reasons (excluding a 6-day standstill)
Withdrawal periods have been observed for all veterinary medicines and other treatments administered while on this holding and previous holdings.
To the best of your knowledge the animals are not showing signs of any disease or condition that may affect the safety of meat derived from them.
No analysis of samples taken from animals on the holding or other samples has shown that the animals in this consignment may have been exposed to any disease or condition that may affect the safety of meat or to substances likely to result in residues in meat.

By Clicking submit you agree to the above terms.