Strictly Payment on day of Sale

 Evans Bros Auctioneers,
Mart Office, Llanybydder,
Carmarthenshire SA40 9UE

Telephone 01570 480 444 Fax 01570 480 988.

E-Mail Llanybydder@evansbros.co.uk

Sale Times:
10.15am Cull Ewes
11.00am Store Cattle
11.00am Ram Sales (August – October)
Saddlery at 11am Horses at 11:30am

Please contact the Auctioneers for  further information.

SHEEP TAGGING GUIDE – The rules are complex and much of the detailed advice available is confusing and difficult to understand. For farmers ordering tags for 2010 born lambs this is the minimum you need to know –

1. For lambs which are going to be slaughtered before they reach 12 months of age i.e. all lambs to be sold fat or store – we strongly recommend the single electronic slaughter tags (using these will keep your option open and ensure that anyone can bid for your lambs. Plastic batch slaughter tag is also acceptable.

2. For Ewe Lambs which are to be retained or sold as potential breeders you need to order Full EID double tags (these come as a pair, one which is electronic).

If you require further information, please call us on 01570 480444

THE HORSE FAIR The monthly horse fair at Llanybydder in southwest Wales is believed to be Europe’s largest. From mischievous figures of folk legend to hardworking coal-cart haulers, Welsh ponies are an integral part of the country’s tradition. As recently as 60 years ago, ponies that lived in underground stables pulled coal-laden carts through the dark corridors of the coal mines of south Wales. Today, the hardy animals are still used by Welsh farmers. Welsh ponies were crossbred with Arabian horses long ago and, despite their reputation as work animals, maintain an aristocratic bearing.

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